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Porter High School’s Football Team is Optimistic for This Season’s Win

Sep 06, 2019
player holding a football

The Kings Mill community cannot wait to see the Porter Spartans play this season! 


This football season will be different than the rest in a very exciting way. Coach Jim Holley will have the chance to work with players who have been with him since his very first season as head coach. For many varsity players, this season will show how much they have grown throughout their high school football careers. These players will take the discipline that Holley has instilled into them and use it to carry them through the rest of their lives. Holley may not know it yet, but his determination to get them to win a playoff game will be a season his players will never forget. 


Since Coach Holley has joined the team, he has taken the Spartans to the playoffs for the past three seasons. There are “23-24 seniors” who have been on the team since their Freshmen year of high school and worked hard during the tough training sessions. These seniors who have been prepared for their last season are why Coach Holley is very optimistic about winning the playoffs this year. These players are hungry for a championship, and their seriousness will set an example for the other players who have recently joined.


Coach Holley stressed that the importance of this time period is that his players at all skill levels need to work hard and work together. Playing as a unit will be the only way this championship is made possible. As the players work hard to play as best as they can, the Kings Mill community will support the Spartans every step of the way. 

SOURCE: Your Conroe News